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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Empowering Women of the Future – Day 3, Ajegunle

Today at EWOF was fun, exciting and interactive.

We divided the participants into groups, played games to cheer the group up while some participants volunteered to discuss and write about some of the topics we had for discussion on the flip chat despite their 'being shy'.

Some of the topics were:

Financial dependence VS Sexual exploitation;

Financial independence leads to empowerment and

Importance of Learning a skill and earning a living.

We then took turns to talk about a time we had to compromise because we needed money desperately and had none of our own. The responses we got reflects how much we have grown to trust each other as a group and how determined we are as individuals to make better decisions in the future.

After discussing these topics extensively, we had our soap making workshop which was facilitated by Ms Blessing Ashi.

After the soap making training session, we reflected on how we felt after sharing some very personal details about ourselves that we once considered embarrassing and humiliating, about the new skill we just learnt and how it would affect our life from today on.

Some of the participants came with their very young children.

We ended with Affirmation of self.

More pictures below:

Ms Blessing teaching us how to make the soap

We made 3 colors of liquid soap -  pink, blue and green, they all smelled like banana


  1. Amazing! More power to you ladies!! Love from the UK

  2. Thank you very much Phyllis.

    Best Wishes,