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Sunday, March 08, 2015

International Women's Day 2015. ASHA Advocates for Girls Rights to Education.

International Women's Day 2015. ASHA Advocates for Girls Rights to Education
March 8, 2015

“…there shall be no bridging the gender equity gap if women are still being bullied or brow beaten into dropping out of school for their brothers neither can we attain gender equality if women and girls seeking education become victims to reprisals.“ Vweta Chadwick
Education for girls and women is still considered a tall order in some parts of the world. Despite interventions designed to tackle this, many, especially those living in poor and war/violence stricken countries and communities still lack access to basic education.
In Ajegunle, for example,a community where Project ASHA’s Empowering Women of the Future (EWOF) project has worked with women and girls for the last three years, girls right to education is still considered a luxury by many. Some parents consider it ‘bad investment’ to send their girls to school up to the secondary level let alone the tertiary, preferring to pay the fees of their brothers, in their words “She will marry and be another man’s property.”
Read the full story on Project ASHA's website.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Women and Girls Online: Mitigating Risk of Grooming and Abuse.

ASHA Empowerment and Development Initiative organized a one day workshop in Ajegunle on 28 February to train women and girls on safety and security concerns online.
Facilitators at this workshop were: Barr Titi Akosa, Executive Director, Centre for 21 Century Issues; Mrs Emmanuella Akinola, Director of Media and Publicity, Disability Policy Advocacy Initiative and Ms. Vweta Chadwick, Global Programmes Director, ASHA Empowerment and Development Initiative.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

In Solidarity with the Chibok Girls

On April 14 2014, almost 300 Nigerian schoolgirls were abducted from their school dormitory in the middle of the night. There has been reports of subsequent abductions of girls and women in North Eastern Nigeria as a form of deterrent to girls education.

These crimes against humanity, against women has not left the world in general and Nigerians in particular, unscarred. As concerned global citizens we refuse to accept this as the norm, as a way of life whether in Africa, or in Asia or even the Americas. Unhindered access to education is a right that every woman and girl should enjoy without fear of reprisal.

When words fail, as they do at times like these, we find other mediums to express our outrage, our pains, our hopes.
Read the full press release here.
Watch the video on ASHA TV

Friday, October 17, 2014

Week of Action against Domestic Violence in Lagos State: Day 5 – Community Outreach at Isale Eko Local Government Council, Adeniji Adele, Lagos Island

A large crowd of women and men gathered this morning at the Local Government Council where they were sensitized on Domestic violence.

Interpreters were engaged throughout the sessions, as many of those in attendance did not understand English.


This community outreach was led by the Chairperson of LASGAT, Dr Keziah Awoshika and the State coordinator, Barr Titilope Akosa.


You can view the pictures using #AADV #LASGAT or by visiting the LASGAT facebook page.

Week of Action Against Domestic Violence in Lagos – Day 4. Outreach to Cairo Market, Mosafejo Market and Oshodi Garage

Gender activists led by Barr Titilope Akosa went on an outreach to Cairo and Mosafejo market and the Oshodi motor garage yesterday the 16th of October 2014.

The three Iya ojas (women leaders) of the markets were a part of these outreaches and participated in the distribution of fliers and stickers and the dissemination of information on Domestic Violence.


You can view the pictures using these hashtage #AADV #LASGAT

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Week of Action against Domestic Violence in Lagos State: Day 3 – Community Outreach at the Anthony Sport Stadium, Kosofe Local Government, Lagos.

It was another successful day as the LASGAT team sensitized the community members of Kosofe Local Government on domestic violence, prevention and early warning signs. Correct information about family support Police Stations, centres and organizations providing support and counselling were disseminated.


Some of those in attendance were the Iya Oja of Anthony Village – Chief Alhaja BB Balogun; a two time Counsellor of the Kosofe Local government who represented the Chairman; indigenous women and men from the Yoruba, Fulani, Hausa and Ibo ethnic groups and young persons.

Interpreters were engaged, as many of those in attendance did not understand English.


You can view the pictures using #AADV #LASGAT