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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Empowering Women of The Future; Meet The Speakers!

The month of March is a highly significant month for women the world over. It was no coincidence that we chose the 1st of March as the day to hold the first ever community based public lecture in Ajegunle, one of the impoverished communities I work with across Lagos.

The public lecture tagged: Women: The Future had young passionate speakers who talked with the group on issues relating to sex and teenage pregnancy, setting long and short term goals, knowing our true values as women, knowing our priorities and having positive role models to emulate.

Vera Edore with some of the young women

Vera Edore (Barr), the co- initiator of The Wilona Foundation (TWF) had a question and answer session with the girls, some of the issues raised were: future plans, career goals and mentoring.

Mr Olusola Samuel, a health expert from Hacy Health Initiative and a campaigner for Hands Up for Her - a project that seeks to bring an end to violence against the girl child, talked about teen pregnancy, its effect on the teenage mother and child.
High point of his lecture were topics like: depression, pelvic inflammatory diseases, STIs and HIV/AIDS, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections and how common they are with teenage mothers.

Blessing Ashi delivering her lecture

Ms Blessing Ashi, a life coach and a peer educator with PRAWA who is very passionate about women empowerment talked on the importance of having positive role models as teenage women.
Some of the Sheros she introduced to us were: Blessing Liman, Tayosi Akerele, Okonjo Iweala, Rukuyatu Amhed Rufai, Ibukun Awosika, Evelyn Oputu, Saheela Ibrahim and other notable Nigerian women who excelled in their various careers.
She went on to introduce the acronym- MAD; "Make A Difference" to us.

Becky Oladimeji Thrilling us all

Ms Becky Oladimeji, a woman created to make a positive impact by raising a 'pure and undefiled' generation of teens, a peer educator with PRAWA, motivator & facilitator spoke about knowing our priorities and freeing ourselves from all forms of distractions including, unplanned and teenage pregnancy, being involved in romantic relationships before we are ready to bear the responsibilities that may come with it.

Chinomso Josiah had our attention

Mr Chinomso Josiah, a volunteer peer educator with PRAWA talked about finding and understanding our purpose on earth and doing our utmost not to derail from our path to success.

Raquel Jacobs telling her story

Lastly, Ms Raquel Jacobs, the  Initiator of  "Beyond the Classroom Foundation" and an alumna of the prestigious Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI) thrilled all in attendance with the Kenyan dance.
She went on to talk about her experience as an orphan, her struggle through adolescence and how she achieved her dreams by being focused on her goals, by having positive role models and by remaining determined to succeed no matter what.
Her final words were: remain focused, keep your eyes on the prize and take your education very seriously!

we ended with the 'Kenyan dance'

When youths talk to youths on issues that concerns youths, youths listen!


  1. Nefertiti Iyoha13 March 2013 at 01:03

    Splendid Vweta...God bless you real good.