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Monday, March 11, 2013

Women; The Future! In Pictures

putting up posters for the event

Some of the posters we put up and their message

Taking a tour of the community before the programme commenced

Vweta Ariemugbovbe and Chinomso Josiah

Church street, Ajegunle

                                Going round the community to remind people about the programme

At the primary health care center, Ajegunle.

With Mrs Adams, a senior matron at the PHC, Ajegunle.

A cross section of the community

You are beautiful, just the way you are!

Yes! Together we can!

Giving my new friends the 'Stay in school' talk.

i may not recognize their faces in 10 years, i hope they remember mine

From Left: Vweta, The Baale and The Secetary Of Ajegunle Community

Blessing Ashi from PRAWA talking about positive role models

Suzanne and Raquel

Raquel Jacobs and her new friends

pictures courtesy Ufuoma Smyl Ebah of Afrodisiacbay.


  1. Another step in the giant strides of the vweta social reform dynasty,
    Good job.